Scientific and pedagogical schools

On the basis of BrSU 13 scientific schools are created and operate. The activities of the schools are carried out under the guidance of the teaching staff who have high achievements in research activities (Doctors of Science, Candidates of Science) and extensive experience in working with gifted youth.

Regulation ‘On the scientific and pedagogical school’

Pedagogy and methodology of higher education
Anna Sender
Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor
Belarusian historical and functional literary criticism: theory and practice of interpretation of a work of art
Zoya Melnikova
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
Country Studies and Tourism
Konstantin Krasovsky
Doctor of Geographic Sciences, Professor
The psychology of self-awareness
Lydia Lysyuk
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor
Geology and geography
Maxim Bogdasarov
Doctor of Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Nominative and functional linguistics
Vasily Senkevich
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
History, culture and religion of the Western Belarusian lands
Alexander Vabishchevich
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
Animal ecology
Vasily Gaiduk
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
Practical psychology of childhood
Irina Valitova
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor
Psychology of the cognizing subject
Elena Medvedskaya
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor
Larisa Yavdoshina
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
Methodological and linguodidactic aspects of the formation of an innovative educational environment for teaching a foreign language to students
Valentina Satinova
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor
The Great Patriotic War in the historical memory of the Belarusian people
Vladimir Zdanovich
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor



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