Law Faculty is the youngest faculty of the university (formed in 1996).

The faculty trains specialists in the specialty of the first stage of higher education: 6-05-0421-01 ‘Law’. At the second stage of higher education (magistracy), training is carried out in specialties 7-06-0421-01 ‘Law’ and 7-06-0311-01 ‘Economics’.


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The faculty has a training laboratory ‘Legal Clinic’, a courtroom, a forensic laboratory. The educational process at the faculty is carried out by 3 departments, which employ 2 doctors of sciences, 16 candidates of sciences, 18 teachers.

We offer many directions for realizing students' abilities:

  • participation in international competitions in various branches of law;
  • simulation of court sessions;
  • work under the guidance of highly qualified lawyers in the training laboratory ‘Legal Clinic’;
  • participation in scientific and practical conferences at various levels;
  • work in student research laboratories.
Принадлежность к структурным подразделениям: 
Принадлежность к структурным подразделениям: 

The 1st stage

Full-time education

  • Specialty 6-05-0421-01 ‘Law(study period 4 years)


'Organization and activity of state bodies'
'Commercial Law'
'Forensic and prosecutorial investigative activities'

Reduced correspondence courses

  • Specialty 6-05-0421-01 ‘Law(study period: 3.5 years)


'Organization and activity of state bodies'
'Commercial Law'
'Forensic and prosecutorial investigative activities'

The 2nd stage (Master’s degree)

  • Specialty 7-06-0421-01 Law



Принадлежность к структурным подразделениям: 


21 Kosmonavtov Boulevard, room 315, room 318 (correspondence courses), Brest, 224016, Belarus

Phone number

(+375 162) 21-47-63,
(+375 162) 21-71-25 (correspondence courses)


lawozo@brsu.brest.by (correspondence courses)

Принадлежность к структурным подразделениям: 

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