University news

The leaders of the student government of the university together with the department of educational work with young people have started the action “Together we are strong!” for the support of medical workers of Belarus. In their video messages the guys express their gratitude to doctors and nurses, paramedics and drivers of ambulances – all those who during a difficult epidemiological situation are in the centre of disease, stay at work almost around the clock and save lives. Students-leaders of Brest State A. S. Pushkin University note that they have now truly understood the value of the work of medical workers, who work intensively and with complete dedication, show their high medical skills and professionalism in the fight against the coronavirus infection.

On May 11, the results of the traditional contest “Miss Photo – 2020”, which is held as part of the festival of student creativity "Student Spring" were determined. Voting for the participants was held in three categories. With the results of 50% in the category “Miss Selfie”, 54% in the category “Miss Amateur Photo” and 53% in the category “Miss Studio Photo”, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Pedagogy Marina Baranova became an absolute winner of the competition.

The campaign “The Symbol of Memory” is aimed at developing among youth the feelings of gratitude, patriotism, national self-consciousness and belonging to the history of their country. Today there are about 9 thousand monuments in Belarus, which are places of worship for the dead and eternal reminder of the main value – peace. As part of the campaign, students of the department of history were photographed against the background of monuments, obelisks and memorials and accompanied their photos with information about these monuments. So the students paid tribute to the memory of the fallen soldiers.

The results of the regional stage of the “Art Vacations 2020” (Republican Art Contest for students of higher education institutions), which is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory and the Year of the Small Motherland, became known. The competition was held in a remote form.

On May 4 at Brest State A S. Pushkin University summed up the results of the university singer competition “Quinta-2020” – one of the largest events of the festival of student creativity “Student Spring”. This year the contest, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, was held as part of the national campaign “Belarus remembers. Soldiers of the Victory”. For the first time it was held in video format.