University news

On March 19, 2020, a workshop with the elements of the training “Building productive interaction between individuals in the polystyle area of the university” was held for the class leaders of the departments within the school “Experience” by the teachers of the Chair of Social Work. This event was attended by 20 class leaders of the departments of our university.

On March 18, the new regional scientific-methodical seminar “Problems of linguodidactics in the context of a new educational paradigm”, organized annually by the Chair of General and Russian Linguistics, was held. The seminar was attended by more than 20 teachers and philologists from Brest and the region and 3rd year students of the section "Russian philology" of the Department of Philology. This year's seminar was dedicated to the problem of working with bright students in the process of Russian language teaching in secondary schools.

On March 15, 1994 the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus adopted the Basic Law of our country – the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. The Constitution established and consolidated in general terms the fundamental principles of the organization and development of society and the state, and legally formalized the most important state institutions. For the first time in Belarus, the institution of presidency was introduced. For more than 25 years the Republic of Belarus, based on the Constitution, has been progressively developing and strengthening as a democratic social state governed by the rule of law. The past period has confirmed the commitment of the Belarusian people to universal human values, their aspiration to consistently establish real human and civil rights and freedoms.

On March 12–13, 2020 the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Art of Words in the Dialogue of Cultures: Problems of Comparativistics” organized by the Chair of Russian Literature and Journalism took place at the Department of Philology of the Brest State A. S. Pushkin University. More than 100 speakers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland and China announced their participation in the forum. The International Forum was opened by the Head of the Chair of Russian Literature and Journalism L. V. Skibitskaya and the Dean of the Department of Philology T. V. Senkevich.

On March 12–13, 2020 Minsk held the First Republican Local History Forum of Belarus as part of the Year of the Small Motherland. It was organized by the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian Culture Fund with the National Library of Belarus, the publishing house “Star” with the support of the Ministries of Culture, Information and Education of the Republic of Belarus. The participants of the forum were local historians, teachers and students of higher educational establishments, employees of cultural, educational, scientific institutions, teachers and pupils, representatives of public organizations. The head of the Chair of History of Slavic Nations, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alexander Vabishchevich presented the results of local history at the Brest State A. S. Pushkin University.