University news

The University contest "Curator of the Year" was held with the aim to activate scientific, methodological and practical activities of study group curators focused on the search and use of effective forms of ideological and educational work with student youth, as well as exchange of modern experience in organizing extra-curricular activities. The contest was attended by 10 curators of study groups – representatives of all departments. According to the results of the contest evaluation by the competent jury, Olga Slivko, Senior Lecturer of the Chair of Theory and History of State and Law (Department of Law) won the first place.

Yellow leaves outside the window brightly signal that autumn has entered its rights. Every year it brings a holiday filled with gratitude, bright colors and smiles – Teacher's Day. On October 1 the University Council meeting started with the celebration devoted to Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day is one of the warmest and most heartwarming holidays, the day of those who give a ticket to life to every person, teaches to be worthy citizens of the country and sensitive people. Therefore, teachers, like no other, always receive high awards. Awarding Honorary Diplomas, Certificates of Acknowledgement and Gratitude today, Rector Anna Sender expressed her sincere gratitude to her colleagues for their loyalty to professional duty and wished them health, happiness, good luck, students striving for knowledge.

Brain-ring “Literature and more ...” dedicated to the anniversaries of A. Kuprin, S. Esenin, I. Bunin, V. Korotkevich, A. Blok, organized and conducted on September 29 the Russian Cultural and Educational Center. Two teams took part in it, which had to pass six levels of tasks.

On September 29, the Open University Competition “Scholar” took place, which for more than ten years is organized by the Chair of General and Russian Linguistics of the Department of Philology. The competition participants were students of four departments of the University – the Departments of Philology, Geography, Psychology and Pedagogy and the Department of Foreign Languages, as well as students of five gymnasiums, two lyceums and two secondary schools in Brest. This year more than forty students and pupils decided to make sure of the literacy of their written speech.

Students of Brest State A.S. Pushkin University continued the good tradition of spending summer vacations for the benefit of themselves, the city and the country, when they decided to work at significant sites and help the university. Summing up the results of the third working semester this year took place on September 28 in the conference hall of the University.