University news

University assembly devoted to the Day of Knowledge was held at BrSU on September 1. On this holiday 679 first-year students of full-time education became part of a large friendly university family. Employees and students of BrSU work with dignity for the benefit of the university, preserve and increase its glorious traditions, spiritual, cultural and material values, honor the anthem, emblem and flag of the university. At the assembly the flag of the university was carried to the sounds of his anthem by a first-year student of the Department of Philology, the owner of the third degree third stage diploma of the Republican Olympiad in the Russian language and literature Anastasia Piletskaya and a first-year student of the Department of Physical Education, master of sports of the Republic of Belarus in sports acrobatics, multiple winner and medalist of championships of the Republic of Belarus Adrian Trofimovich.

Mutual respect, friendship, and the ability to constructively resolve problematic situations have always been valued in Belarusian higher education institutions. Only peaceful dialogue is a guarantee of harmony and stability in society. Throughout its history, institutions of higher education have served humane purposes, based on education and science for society, nation and state. It is very important to preserve this vector for all of us in the university and academic community. Educational institutions are not objects of political disputes and disagreements. Our students should come to the classroom on September 1 and receive knowledge, as in previous years, in a peaceful and calm country. And parents should not worry about their life and health.

Within the framework of the visit to Brest and Brest region on July 31, 2020 the educational establishment “Brest State A.S. Pushkin University” was visited by the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Education and Science Workers Tatiana R. Yakubovich. Тatiana R. Jakubovich met with the staff of the University. She was introduced to the University staff by Anna N. Sender, Rector of Brest State A.S. Pushkin University, and Ivan I. Vasilenko, Chairman of the Brest Regional Committee of the Branch Trade Union.

On July 15, 2020 a ceremony of awarding the laureates of the Government Prize of the Republic of Belarus for Achievements in the Quality Field was held in the National Library of Belarus. The ceremony was held by Vice-Prime Minister of Belarus Yuri Nazarov. The Commission for Awarding the Government Prize for Quality made a decision to award the title of laureate 2019 to seven organizations of the Republic. The title of the laureate was confirmed by 15 organizations, including the Educational Establishment “Brest State A.S. Pushkin University”.