Shopping center canteens

Shopping center of Brest State Pushkin University provides catering services in the middle price category. The menu is based on Belarusian and European cuisine, which is represented by a wide selection: hot and cold appetizers, salads, meat and fish dishes, pizza, desserts, pastries.

The hospitable team of the shopping center organizes at a high professional level:

  • set meals,
  • gala dinners,
  • anniversaries,
  • birthdays,
  • weddings,
  • corporate parties,
  • graduation evenings,
  • evenings of memory,
  • memorial services,
  • funeral dinners.

For visitors of the shopping center, live music, show programs, broadcast of music concerts, karaoke are offered.

Additionally, catering service, buffet reception, takeaway food can be organized.

There are halls:

  • for 100 seats on the 3 Derzhinsky Street;
  • for 24 and 48 seats at 21 Kosmonavtov Boulevard;
  • for 40 places on the 41 Mitskevicz Street;
  • for 32 places on the 28 Mitskevicz Street;

Phone number: 8-0162-204115

Choosing us – you choose quality and comfort!

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