Information for the incoming MID students/scholars

General Information

Brest State A.S. Pushkin University was founded in 1945, and is the oldest HEI in the Brest Region (about 1.4 mln people). It is located in the centre of Brest, a student-friendly, historic city (ab. 300,000 inhabitants) on the very border with the European Union. The international airports – Warsaw (180 km) and Minsk (360 km) – are well connected with Brest (by train and bus services). The students’ body of about 9,000 – including those doing the by-the-correspondence and retraining/evening studies – is taught by the staff of about 600. The University has 11 Faculties. There are libraries, museums, 4 students’ dormitories, cafeterias, bars, a recreation centre (with a swimming pool), a winter garden, and 16 computer labs (with the Internet access) on the University’s three campuses. The University’s web-site is http://www.brsu.by/en.

Faculties participating in the MID project

The list of specialties/programs offered by the Faculties is available here.


Levels of mobility and duration

The eligible EU nationals may participate in the following levels of mobility:

  • Doctoral students – 6–10 months;
  • Post-doctoral scholars – 6–10 months;
  • Teaching and administrative staff – 1–3 months.


Additional requirements

The language of instruction at the University is Russian. Doctoral students, post-doctoral and staff mobility scholars are preferred to have a sufficient level of proficiency in Russian yet it isn’t a mandatory requirement (in case of doctoral students this is decided individually with their academic supervisors).

The English-speaking staff of the Department of International Affairs provides all the information to the prospective and selected candidates on the visa, and accommodation issues, organization of studies/research activity, registration/residence permits, etc. as well as assists in the mobility students/scholars’ every-day matters. Location: Room 124 (1st level of the University’s main building), 21 Kosmonavtov Boulevard, Brest 224016, Belarus. E-mail: int@brsu.by, tel/fax: +375-162-210668.


The academic calendar

Fall Semester: September 1 – December 31, exams period – through mid-January; winter vacation – mid-January through first week of February. Spring Semester: February 4 – May 31; exams period – through mid-June; summer vacation – July-August.

Note: The start dates of mobilities of the undergraduate and Master students are to coincide with the semesters’ ones, whereas the doctoral, post-doctoral and staff mobility scholars are to agree the start/end dates of mobilities with the respective academic supervisors/host persons, and/or the hosting Faculties/Departments prior to the start of the mobilities.


Research/teaching opportunities for the staff mobility scholars

The staff mobility scholars may enjoy the opportunity of teaching short lecture modules during their mobility periods. The themes of lectures to be delivered are to be agreed upon with the hosting Faculties/Departments prior to the start of mobility. If needed the professional simultaneous translation of the lectures from/into English, German, French, and Spanish will be provided. All the University’s research facilities are at full disposal of the staff mobility scholars.


Fees to be paid

All the incoming MID grantees are exempt from all the tuition fees, the library use and the Internet access fees. The costs of the text-books, teaching aides, photocopying and stationery are to be covered out of the grant.


Accommodation and average living costs

Accommodation in the University’s dormitories – the double or triple-bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen – is provided at the cost of 130 and 85 Euros per month, in the University’s guest house – 170 Euros per month. The city’s hotels (app. 40 Euros/night), or rented one-, two-bedroom apartments (150–200 Euros/month) are other options. The minimum living costs for a single person in Brest range from 150 to 200 Euros/month.


Contact person

For general mobility issues and information on the courses available within the specialties/programs the MID applicants are welcome to contact Mr. Alexey Khomich – project’s coordinator at the University – at head_oms@brsu.brest.by; +375 162 21 92 43.