Address and Bank Details of the University

Key information


Brest State A.S. Pushkin University

Short name


Full name

Educational Establishment "Brest State A.S. Pushkin University"

Legal address
(mailing details)

21, Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 224016 Brest, the Republic of Belarus

Settlement account

Account Number BY89AKBB36420000017071000000
Account Number BY02AKBB36329000016731000000

ASC “Belarusbank”, Branch №100,
224020 Brest, 202 Moskovskaya str.

UNP (TIN) code


OKPO (General Classifier of
Enterprises and Organizations)




(375-162) 21-65-17


(375-162) 21-70-53



Core activities

80300  Higher education.

Primary objectives of the university:

  • meeting social desire for intellectual, cultural, physical and moral development via higher education and postgraduate studies based on the integrity of the educational process and scientific research;
  • meeting social demand for qualified specialists with higher education, combining professional expertise, high culture and civic engagement, through  higher education, pre-university, post-graduate, further education and other programmes in the spheres of natural history sciences, the humanities and engineering;
  • arranging and carrying out fundamental and applied scientific researches aimed at addressing economic, scientific and social issues; facilitating the research results implementation; holding international, regional, republican scientific and research-to-practice conferences, symposia and expert evaluations;
  • promoting mass academic education; taking the necessary measures to uphold the status of the university as a scientific, cultural and educational center both of the region and city; performing activities aimed at incorporating the university into the global academic and educational community, facilitating international relations and building up its powers;
  • training the academic and teaching staff, graduate and post-graduate students with regard to the universal human values, civic consciousness and respect for national traditions and other peoples’ rights.