Master's Degree Programme

General Information

The 2nd cycle  of Higher education (Master’s Degree Programme) is the final level of Higher education programme at which expertise, knowledge and skills of educational and scientific research work are developed and Master's Degree is conferred, which in its turn gives the right to take PhD programme and become employed in accordance with the acquired specialty and given qualification.

Master’s Degree Programme for foreign students is presented in the form of full-time education only (the duration of study is up to 2 years).

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8.30 – 13.00, 14.00 – 17.30


21, Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 224016 Brest, the Republic of Belarus, Room №319


+375 (162) 21-92-43


News and announcements

Dear applicants!
This is to inform you that Master’s degree programme in  “Mathematics” , “Physics”  and “Web programming and the Internet technologies” can be studied in Russian and English

Master’s Degree Programme specialties


Name of the Specialty

Degree conferred

1-08 80 01

Theory and teaching techniques of pre-school education

Master of Education

1-08 80 02

Theory and methods of teaching and education (in the fields and at levels of education):

  • in the field of Fine arts and drawing
  • in the field of Mathematics
  • in the field of Music art)

Master of Education

1-08 80 04

Theory and methods of physical training, athletic training, health-improving and physical training

Master of Education

1-08 80 06

General pedagogics, History of pedagogics and education

Master of Education

1-21 80 10

Literary studies

Master of Philology

1-21 80 11


Master of Philology

1-21 80 16

National history

Master of History

1-23 80 03


Master of Psychology, of Education

1-24 80 01


Master of Law

1-25 80 04

Economics and management of the national economy

Master of Economics

1-31 80 01


Master of Biology

1-31 80 02


Master of Geography

1-31 80 03


Master of Physics and Mathematics

1-31 80 05


Master of Physics and Mathematics

1-31 80 06


Master of Chemistry

1-23 81 04

Social Psychology

Master of Psychology
1-89 81 04

Innovative Technologies in the field of Tourism and Hospitality

Master of Innovation

Studies in English