“Student days are the best days in life!”

“Student days are the best days in life!” – these words became the motto of the Festival of Student Creativity “Student Spring 2017”, which has started in front of educational building No.1 of Brest State A.S. Pushkin University on the 20th of March. At the opening ceremony of the festival the welcoming speech was made by Rector of the university A.N. Sender. She noted that students with their energy and positivity bring bright colors into the university’s life. According to the already established tradition, on that day the tone of the festival was set by the students of all faculties, who performed to the rhythmic music the flash mob “Dancing University”. The performers exhilarated the audience by their movement coordination, radiant smiles and good mood.

The Festival of Student Creativity “Student Spring 2017” had lasted for three weeks. It should come as no surprise that the program of the festival was bright, productive and extensive, because the students of our university are energetic, cheerful, possess enough self-confidence, can easily combine their preparation for the classes with creative work and they always have time and energy to demonstrate their talents and abilities.

The festival program included more than thirty events such as tournaments, exhibitions, discussions, vocal contests, humorous performances and sports competitions. The solemn closing ceremony was held at the gala concert at the Center for Youth Creativity on the 7th of April.

Yulia Vovk, Editor of the Student Club