Lecture on Archeology

11–14 December 2018 Prof. Dr. hab. Radoslaw Janiak conducted a lecture on “Current Issues of Archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Ages of Central Europe”. Students and Instructors of the Department of History (Archaeology) visited the lecture.

Prof. Dr. hab. Radoslaw Janiak is a history pundit. He is a highly qualified specialist in archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Age, the Lusatian and Pomeranian archaeological culture. He examined a lot of towns and tombs.

During the lecture, Professor touched upon the aspects of Celtic upbringing, causes and impact of the Migration Period, riots and conflicts in the Bronze and Iron Ages, etc. Our guest lecturer imparted the theoretical material to the participants in Polish (Bashkov A.A. assisted with translation from Polish), adding interesting facts from personal experience and answering the questions from the audience.